A Gemini protocol client for Android based OS


Version 1.0.0 - COMING SOON


- Renamed app to 'Gem'
- New friendlier app icon

Version 0.4.0 Beta

04/09/2020 - Beta release:

- MP3s play in-app, you can continue browsing, and save to device or dismiss at any time
- Fixed Gemtext formatting issues with nested code block chars
- Fixed fatal exception when `#` heading chars were used without any content
- Code blocks now scroll horizontally if necessary ensuring formatting is maintained
- Added menu option to view page Backlinks (GUS service)
- Removed buggy and unhelpful tabs feature
- Reorganised main overflow menu
- Improved colour contrast when in light theme/mode
Size: 3.5Mb
OS: Android 5.0/API level 21

Version 0.3.0 Beta

24/08/2020 - Beta release:

- gemini:// image links now display in-app with option to download to device (mp3 in-app coming soon)
- Pinch/gestures on image display
- Search... enter any search term in the address bar to query GUS
- Input status code now handled, displays edittext in a dialog for input
- New 'reload' menu item (useful when creating content, overrides runtime cache)
- Default homepage is new dedicated Gem capsule
- Gemtext Quotes now supported

Version 0.2.0 Beta

19/08/2020 - Beta release:

- can open external gemini:// links, and be set as default app (bug: app opens but doesn't load page)
- menu item that displays a history of last 50 URIs

Version 0.1.0 Beta

19/08/2020 - Beta release:

- correctly defaults to text/gemini if no mime set
- Handles low level SSL handshake exceptions without crashing...
- Corrrectly handles Gemini 31 code redirects
- Replace excessive whitespace in header with single space...

Version 0.0.3 Alpha

18/08/2020 - Third Alpha release:

- full support for multiple tabs (some bugs)
- runtime cache; navigating around is much much quicker
- you can set a home address/capsule
- share and copy current address
- you can now select and copy text lines
- new home icon (by Creative Stall from the Noun Project)
- refactored socket code to handle future support for different mime types 

Version 0.0.2 Alpha

16/08/2020 - Second Alpha release:

- links now visible in night AND day theme
- links now have a ui action on tap
- indeterminate progress when fetching a page displayed in header
- gemini errors or mime-types Gem can't handle yet now show an alert dialog
- address bar spellcheck turned off
- address bar now requests uri keyboard mode (forward slash is visible at top-level)  
- history/tab state now only writes in onDestroy (no more synchronous writes to cache slowing things down)

Version 0.0.1 Alpha

15/08/2020 - Early alpha with basic browsing

◯ repository: git.sr.ht/~oppen/tva
◯ issues: todo.sr.ht/~oppen/tva